Saturday, May 16, 2015

The worst beginning possible.

Simply because you'll have to wait as I've yet to do anything but I do need a web address to link to even before anything is here to read.

Come back later by all means.

Created, but not yet anything, under the creative commons licence (even before I've checked out what liabilities that might tie me to)

but I promise I'll try and read this.

really quick though it's about sharing and discussing, I suppose what sharing is.

It's like we have to convince the people with money they can share it and we're not going to kill them if they don't. No enemies, just a great big ignorant world where it's okay to be ignorant almost as if we can admit we're ignorant it's the best possible beginning!

The unpainted painting for sale.

So it started with a post on facebook by an old friend from Afropunk 
and I commented that Orange was the new black... wow, I've just realised how blatantly ironic that is, excuse me world I'm an idiot (but it works somehow) and it's also, orange as a uniform colour, in a book I'm reading so maybe that's why it grabbed.

Anyways, I needed both tobacco ( yucky eh?, sorry I'm not a saint yet) and I needed a way to get money to register the domain name #worldkincollective and I arrive at the gas station and the guy behind the counter is named Aman and so I ask him if that has a meaning in Hindi, 'cause he's Indian (which is a small leap of faith but I'm an idiot and don't mind being wrong), and indeed it means Peace... beautiful, so I ask him to write it out in Sanskrit on the back of the receipt I normally wouldn't bother with but he asked so I took it and then actually had a use for... which was writing out Peace in Sanskrit. From this, so far, you may have gathered the syncronicity is rolling out it's divine carpet of opulence so I go with it and in the car I immediately see Leonardo's man in the circle so it's obvious it gets the Orange uniform of the oppressed and then Peace is written below this in Sanskrit.

Then, of course, the World Kin Collective moniker, which too is yet to be designed, goes below that in purple which is the mixture of the giving red and the taking blue.

I've just now decided that each week I'll do a new post and contrary to the laws of blogging I just keep adding to each weeks post, re-editing, filling out as I go with the turnover on the Lord's day of rest... Sunday.

Soon enough, if I don't get the urge to go in-organicking, I'll have some drawings soon. Though I should actually lay out some of the ideas of the World Kin Collective.

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