Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mangere Rd chapter3 draft

I finally looked at the map and poor ol' Mangere rd doesn't go anywhere as far as I'd hoped it would... It's starts in the right pace, well, not quite right in the sense that it's starts in Otahuhu but then it hardly even gets into Mangere proper at all, before it starts getting named after personages long gone.

But then again that's Mangere all over isn't it really? That's one of the fundamental things about Mangere, that it's there, almost wholly, to serve other places... that's what the working class are for isn't it, at least in terms of the consumer paradigm we've entered into, boots and all.

And that could very well be the reasoning, or betterly said, and I say betterly because in Mangere, and all over the world in places similar we come up, often, with our own words... the opposite of betterly being worser, which incidentally... is a word. Who would have known... not us, we're just not educated enough but we are... we are educated by ourselves. Our reasoning, our adaption to our environment gives us our way of being, and that way of being is less about rewards bestowed from without and about us defining, with the rewards we can make available to ourselves, what and who we are.

One of the most important, and yet almost totally mis-understood from without, in a sense sits in being tough but while it does reside within a physical toughness, as in being able to do work, it also very much sits in a toughness of spirit allied with what can often be described as native intelligence... which hasn't been described anywhere, though it might be as I'm not so well read, as well as it's understood from within.

But that is the nature of society. That ideas percolate upwards and are sieved through an academic system which in turn tends to colour the perceptions towards the nature of the system looking.

Even in those previous paragraphs, the last two, I'm stating my ignorance except what's important isn't that I'm ignorant, in the sense I'm not willing to research the ideas that make such obvious and possibly to be changed by going up the ladder, nope, what is important is that by stating ignorance, and be willing to stand beside it, that I am willing an intuitive interpretation of where and who I am. I'm not going to go running about seeking to quantify my lack so much as admit that it exists but then look for options within my grasp which could be beneficial.

Mangere Rd then is quite the good example because by not checking, not even caring to check but choosing to stand beside this apparent, now that I have checked, wrong there is a raft of ideas which have become of benefit to my tale as it unfolds. One is the sense that the road was named as a destination from what might be a commercial centre, Otahuhu on the Great South Rd, to a place of providing that centre, and two, that the road itself, as it goes through the place itself, Mangere, gets named, even though it's the same road, after the white men who owned vast portions of it, the claim stackers, which highlights for me, yet again, that our place, our Mangere, has always been at the beck and call of others, us mere flotsam, even dunnage, though I was thinking of the stuff thrown from ships to sink to the bottom that word, dunnage, came to me and is even more apt.

Dunnage is then the covers across cargo, in ships, to protect that cargo, so oh yes, dunnage is the right word for us given this place to call home yet to be picked up and moved at any time if we are required somewhere else, for a now deemed protection of whatever cargo the masters are moving about.

Being then this tool, this biding place of usefulness in labour and without being able to define direction, being collateral hasn't been a backing unless as unionised, then we've all had to just watch and do what we're told. Therein the watching is what really counts. Watching those with investments to create yeild and seeing how precocious they become, how inefficiencies are looked over from that vantage of owning, and aren't even seen as inefficiency... we watch and have developed against, yet with, the deeming, as above, of our worthiness totally unsuitable to how we might measure ourselves so older ways, it seems, have been our own given allowance.

In that regard then the owners are the predators and we must be wily, learn their ways, keep away from those jaws with the big teeth of law, and maybe this is why it's called native intelligence.

Is that telling enough? It'd have to be really as the whole point of native intelligence isn't about telling, it isn't about adding to a huge pile of already nailed down and trustable knowledge that bets, which aren't really bets at all, only on itself... which it what telling is. It's about knowing that asking the right questions is the real risk and that if those questions aren't right then at least make the suffering make you stronger in some way.

That, if any, would be the point of this book, and I'm loathe to explain why, because again, it's telling, and if theres anything the world needs these days it definitely ain't telling... unless it's a telling off, and let's hope the powers that be get that before it gets to that point.

So me, when this idea for this loomed and cajoled me towards itself, this already will be and I've just to put in the time here tappy, tapping, and hopefully learning the arcane art of grammar... but more likely I'll carry on as I always have just making up my own, having been given this story it is and yes it will be fraught with inconsistency and as cryptic as I can make it... simply because people understand telling, and being told, far, far too much.

We head to an abyss of denial of the human spirit not because we have identified what the abyss is and what it looks like, yes, we've ticked all the boxes to identify what it is etc, fuck me dazed, but have we explored it with our own eyes, our own possibilities of being in and amongst a sense of ourselves trusting what we actually see?

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