Wednesday, October 14, 2015

price list revel cafe ex hi bits sean.

My old mate Mike, who I refer to as homeless Mike, mainly 'cause it's easy and not to belittle his 8 years and rising on the streets of our dear city, is and was very interested in Numerology and it struck me... with a kindly feather, that these artworks talk somewhat about his easy method style of that particular esoteric field of understandings and discovery.
 So they basically, the artworks, run from left to right, or front to back (as in front of house to backdoor) and from the end to floor mounted as in No8 is the cabinet cum table that really needs higher chairs.

No1; Self. $865.00
No2; Couple. $901.00
No3; Creativity. $534.00
No4; Work. $1,111.00
No5; Freedom. $716.00
No6; Family. $438.00
No7; God. $1,240.00
No8; (tricky)... betweeness? $1,502.00

Oh, and offers are welcome but be reminded that if they are lower you must be poor and not just playing at it. And you are, of course, allowed to offer more but few understand that heavenly principle.

They stay there 'til the end and pickup will most probably be problematic as I can be decidedly obtuse at times in regards to your life being important.

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