Thursday, April 21, 2016

Okay, time to get serious... a kickstarter/pledge me with a difference.

Theres a blog thingy doing the rounds which is a kind of theoretical opinion piece centred around post-capitalism, and excuse me for being finicky, but while it seem's to be kosher in a kind of intellectualised rationality it kinda strikes me as profoundly silly simply because it used all the age old ways of looking at something to try and define something that almost has to be something completely different.

And I mean foundationally completely different, as in a new paradigm, so how can we even begin to imagine a whole new way of being through and with exchange if we use the understood set of parameters in which we look at what has to be completely shifted away from that sense of constructive ideals?

So me, I'm in this weird position where I need lot's of money and help to do a bunch of stuff which I haven't done before which would open up peoples ideas of how things might be able to work for us by drawing on a lot of stuff that's already happening but is happening at a snails pace compared to how it might.

And by me doing all this, and grabbing as many people as are interested and can help define this thing, I can't offer any pay back to anyone who might choose to help other than the fact they are helping... and weirdly enough, I don't even think people should require this what might be defined as honour, this pat on the back thing as in, at it's fundamental ideal, I did this and got this in return.

Because if this yet to be defined paradigm which is somewhat wrongly defined as 'post'-capitalism is ever to work we have to intrinsically get away from this need to be attached to things that work especially in the ways we think they should.

To illustrate this somewhat it's like a kickstarter/pledge me which says this is kinda what we'd like to do but it's only very sketchy and what will likely happen would be lot's of failed attempts but hopefully out of that we'll learn what's actually needed because we've worked through all the ideas of what we think might work, which didn't and we're sorry for that complete waste of time, but in doing that a whole bunch of insight's came which might actually be what we really wanted to achieve but just couldn't see it until we'd worked through all the stuff we thought we needed... and so promising you some sort of prize for your investment, given what we said we'd do is now a completely different ball game, not only isn't a promise we could make but it completely inhibits the ability of us to actually go exploring for what might never even happen... but we really need this time and space to just experiment.

But then again we all need to feel that if we are offering something then at the very least we want it to be good... whatever that means?

Like the homeless theres this thing where they're all angry and drug abusers so why should we give them any money but at the same time you could intuitively sense that they've lost faith in the rest of us and all they really need is our encouragement and to be bluntly honest capitalist encouragement is money... so we just give them money and yes, they will make mistakes but that's kind of the territory they understand but still maybe that's what will work simply because money is our faith made concrete and giving it away with the least amount of attached material optimism is the only thing that will eventually work.

Nut's and bolt's. Everybody might know that I'm kinda bored by art, not the making thereof, but the rivers and tributaries by which it finds it's way to the seas of our consciousness, all those galleries and institutions of education and it's consequences seeming more than ever to dam it all up and create power from it's flow... to the point where it's just so precious it's completely lost any vitality to feedback into society and encourage us all with the possibilities that could be available.

And within this and my own need every single day to be creative I'm completely over trying to sell myself to a bunch of people with far more money than sense or any institution which might think what I'm trying to do has any relevance to them and what they think is actually art 'cause what I really want to do is offer relevance within and through neighbours and friends and even acquaintances. Join up skills and possibilities and see a way to get beyond this clusterfuck whereby worth and value are sold out long before usefulness is even contemplated.... but I'm not angry about it all.

My World Leader Pretend ideas then all resolve around making art cars as in totally functional vehicles which fit in and around what we have now but are so arted up decoratively that bridges are built between function and form to the extent that we could possibly embrace and be completely enamoured of such as a way to go.

Because in the real world, as in the one that exists all around us, we might think that art is expensive but compared to new cars and motorcycles it's actually really fucking cheap... That then to me is this really wide gap which could be filled and it's a gap because the way we look at vehicles is completely stupid and self serving only for the manufacturers and the sellers to the extent that we think we need at least a tonne, in most cases, to haul our sorry asses from A to B.

I'm going to stop now... I'm just working it out kinda like the kickstarter might be as in what the buggering hell is this person on about? And you go away all confused and not knowing at all what's going on... then eventually forget about it but then alter something klicks... like good art.

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