Friday, April 22, 2016

Kick starter/pledge me part 2.

So all the myriad of ideas seem to be taking shape and resolving themselves into what might be veiwpoint categories and I should get pen and paper out and do one of those diagrammatic thing where the ideas are all given space and then lines are drawn between here and there to realise sub-categories/ motivations inter-feeding... and all that other spin creating reasonableness to approach what might even be relevant.

Except my brain doesn't work like that. Mine works by somehow downloading loads of ideas from what may be a collective consciousness and then kinda looking at this bit and that bit then getting bored because all the interconnections don't arrive like food ordered at a restaurant so I chuck the whole lot on the floor, just like a spoiled kid, though metaphorically it's almost like throwing down the back of my brain into it's nether toilet regions and then forgetting about it. then for some reason, maybe it's the swamp gas of thinking unheeded and sub-conscious, but anyway over time it pretty much sorts itself out and I start to see clearly pictures of what might be asked of me... and what I might be asking myself to take on as an interesting way of being whatever it is I am in this world.

So yes, I get the art car thing. It's like a front for the whole underlying exercise. The art car thing is about functionality and form co-existing where they shouldn't which is always a good idea creator. There are concepts out there these days which are really quite wild and lateral when it comes to how we view concepts of transportation but they're having a hard time getting through simply because the whole single user/family user is still completely plugged into a prestige and social worth ego thing underpinned by a sense of being able to somehow do the muscle man thing on the beach by parading about in a great hunk of metal and plastic to the extent that simple transport and not getting wet and cold is almost nothing to do with it... and that's completely irrational and these attempts at rationality, as in smaller cars and lighter payloads just aren't getting through simply because you can't apply rational answers to irrational questions, it's as simple as that.

But what you can do, at least that's my plan, is you can take that irrationality way out to it's extremes to the extent it's feeds back to the original set of possibilities, which is good but the other thing to do, as in underneath this irrationality is add a set of pragmatic gestures, as in real technological ideas that function ( which aren't so off the beaten track as to be wish fulfillment and yes all you electric car fanatics... that's what it is those fantasies of difference that'll supposedly solve all the problems of 'crude') and underpin this irrationality on the surface and so open up our collective conscious to things as actually available to us, with what we basically already have, as options worth collectivising around.

And so the front, per se, art cars and vehicles is just an excuse to serve collectivisation. The model that seems to be forming is that collecting people together to work together needs an umbrella whereby working for profit and working for charity needs to be essentially the same thing. We need to make money to grow things at a shared level but at the same time the for profit reward system isn't bad, it's actually quite good except where 'more' than enough rewards are kept by individuals and not fed back into the pool to widen the advantages of pooling resource...

That needs more work, the collectivising angle, but part and parcel of the kickstarter angle as it were, is to introduce the idea of giving up ones personal reward... as rewarding in and of itself. So given this whole thing gets going then the people who pledge money aren't rewarded and can then walk away with that reward... they give the money and then are encouraged to come and help... from the bottom up.

It's still at the ideas stage but let's say someone gives a thousand bucks and so then because that's high amount then they get to clean all the grubby oily dirt and grime off of engines 'cause the likelyhood of them ever having had to do such is unlikely and within that they'd learn the unveiling of beauty, the untended glory that sit's in dirt waiting to find the sun. And I'm being somewhat romantic here but even having that as part of a pledge me thing, a complete opposite to you give this you get this to the extent the more you give the more you get, would be something of a shocker all in and of itself as in " I've given you this much and you want me to 'pay' for that? Indeed Sir or Madam, your privilege must be tempered and not soothed.

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