Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mohican Mauve. For sale on Felt.

This is where you might have been or where you might be going, it's about this.
I have this life style where I basically don't need much money at all to just survive and keep meandering about the property I'm on. Heres a recent vid from stuff (.co.nz) which kinda explains that statement of being almost retired.

And this life suits me fine but theres still one big set of things I wanna do but I've ended up almost unable to interact with the whole day to day striving in a capitalist economy, by choice or circumstance I'm unsure but it is what it is.

My car, that noble and trusty 21 year old Daihatsu Mira, sits forelorn in the driveway needing a water pump, some CV boots and a couple of front tires - then a WOF and some rego and Bob's your mother's brother and I'm back on the road and having adventures in possible consequence.

And I owe 900 bucks to family. My last money making thing was a sponsored trip to Great Barrier November last year where I kinda taught a few locals how to build walls outta hard rubbish... but since then, except when I suddenly needed some mechanical bit's and sold a coat I'd made for a pittance, but was entirely accepting of, to Caitlin Smith, the Brilliant Jazz singer (name dropping... oh, that's naughty) I've made no actually money for months and months... live cheap, it's an experiment that's working well.

And this dream thing, this final foray into art, it's about building AF (absolutely fabulous) art cars and motorcycles and I've got all the bit's and almost have the space, well I do have the space and the materials but I need to actually build this massive 6mtr by 3mtr covered space on the driveway... Should be done by this coming summer.

Art cars and motorcycles? Many reasons, culmination of all the reasons possibly.

1. The reason I even kinda went to art school was it was all I had left. I'd tried various like proper shit, landscaping, music shops and some other stuff too, and kept failing... just never had the backup or even the knowledge to be middle class... something like that anyways, so I had this idea that if I did what I'd always done anyways, which was draw (and since I was 1 1/2 years old) I might be able to get a foothold in the middle classes then be able to bring through all my clever mates from the working class who were always ultra capable and even artistic in a kind of bogon way here and there... and allow us all to enjoy a sense of culture and being which is always, nowadays especially, under threat of getting eaten up as the middle class and above divert all their short attention spans towards the empty and guileless media selling life from containers.

2.'Cause vehicles are fucking dangerous! And I wanted to see those with big pockets shell out and buy these super duper opulent jewels... then have to risk their fucking lives doing what the things are, and will be, intended to do. Art on walls and sitting all still like, and even moving a bit... oh, how clever, is just decoration especially when our society is so topsy turvy with wealth and I decided ages and ages ago I ain't here to polish shit for Rich Folks.. I'm here, if anything, to remind them of their responsibilities gettin' so damn rich in the first place that trifles like art take precedence over every body being sheltered, fed and clothed.

3. The car, the vehicle of any persons private transportation, has basically become an ego gratification device which weights about a fucking tonne as everybody hauls their significance about and actually thinks it means something except this is my greed in full blown splendour and that is inconceivably stupid and naive for a society that thinks it's actually successful in some way. So making these personnal transportation devices into artworks appeals to me.

Therefore if you buy this couch you may have the couch, and good on you for your exquisite taste, but for me it's all about funding my last ditch attempt to make people think about that stupidity of so much resource going into things that basically just move you from place to place... but if we are going to keep doing it, and doubtless we will, why not use the whole thing to create fun and silliness, which we seriously need a lot more of, and put resource into that and not into pre-packaged non bio-degradable totally imported stupidity?

Yup, and I'll do it and it'll be of interest for about a day and a half until some new outrage done thousands of miles away winds up our opinion hipster handle and we''ll all be out there arguing again about what isn't even relevant.

Thankyou for your time and have a nice day.

Oh, and heres a close up of the fabric itself and the little metal buttons that both pleat it and form the ties to hold it to the frame.
Isn't it lovely... so luscious and sumptuous! And this is how it's tied onto the frame which isn't the best but it'll do.

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